How to Maintain your Swimming pool

The swimmin pool water is subject to many disturbances from outside (pollution, rain, temperature changes, UV …) that affect the quality and purity of the water in your pool. Simple tricks allow to make the most of its pool caring minimum maintenance.

Swimming Pool maintenance

Swimming Pool Water Filtration

Filtration is somehow the lung of your pool, it is what allows water to regenerate. We advise you to filter your pool for periods from 8 to 12 am continuously. When the temperature is high and the intensive use of your pool we advise you to increase this time and filter mainly daytime, during which pollution is more important. A simple rule is that the filtration time is equal to the outdoor temperature, divided by 2 (eg 30 ° C out = 15 h of filtration).

The filtration system is articulated by the pump and the swimming pool filter . The pump used to draw water from your pool for the redirect to the filter. This removes larger impurities. Once perfectly filtered, clean water is returned to the pool. Therefore, the water is freed of impurities visible to the naked eye. It is however not yet healthy. In fact, all water contains microscopic algae and fungi invisible to the naked eye that disappear with treatment of your water suitable pool and thus guarantee a completely safe swimming for your health.

The treatment of your water

swimming pool water treatment

The dosage of disinfectant in your pool should not be overlooked. Indeed, it is the guarantor of a safe swimming for your health and that of your children. We advise you to measure your chlorine levels with a test kit or using strips Aqua Check guaranteeing reliability in reading the results. You can then test your chlorine level . Ideally, we strongly recommend you to opt for an automated processing system, either by electrolysis of salt or even by automatic chlorine regulator (ORP). You will then have the certainty that the stances of your water perfectly under control.

What about daily cleaning ?

The rule is quite simple your swimming pool wants more attention . Regular maintenance will ensure a quality control of your water and to preserve ‘utmost the state of your equipment.
When you are not using your pool, try covering it with a tarp, this will prevent the leaves fall in.
If you do not have a filtration unit, typically for some ground pools, hire someone to remove the leaves, insects and other visible elements out of your water.

Never forget to check your water level. The ideal water level is half the skimmers. A low water level can lead to a defusing of your pool pump and can burn out the motor of the latter.
A weekly cleaning is also useful,a little further clean the water line or using a special water line freeze or using a sponge “magic”. In case of very dirty water line, mount the water level above the water line and perform a chlorine shock. This will eliminate fatty deposits present on this line Vacuum, or even your pool robot If you do not have a chlorine regulator or automatic processing system, perform verification of chlorine levels with test strips or a pool water test kit if you do not Have A automatic pH control, monitor your pH levels. The ideal pH value is between 7.2 and 7.6. This rate ensures a comfortable swimming and ensures the efficiency of the disinfectant If you have a sand filter against conduct a wash (backwash) to remove impurities present in the sand. If you have a cartridge filter, to clean the latter with your water jet. If your filter is really sand, a small passage in the dishwasher can give it a little sparkle. In desperation, know that the majority of the cartridge filters are very easily removable . Do not hesitate to contact us if you encounter any problem, we will be happy to help you. Finally, empty the cart / filter sock your skimmer. Also check that the pre filter of your pump is not crowded. In this case, empty the well.

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